Cup Cake Day Fundraiser

As many of you may be aware, since March this year Miss Helen has been on an extended break from Kids on 4th. Unfortunately, Helen had to take time off work due to being diagnosed with breast cancer. Since being diagnosed, Helen has undergone a mastectomy and is currently receiving chemotherapy.

Helen has been a much-loved member of the Kids on 4th family for over 10 years and at the time of her diagnoses she hoped to receive treatment and return back to work as soon as possible. Whilst Helens recovery is going well and she is expected over time to make a full recovery, due to the illness and chemotherapy Helens immune system is weakened and this recovery process is going to take longer than expected. It is with much regret that we let you know that Helen has now made the difficult decision to retire.

Helen joined Kids on 4th in 2007 and during her time at the Centre has worked as an educator in all of our rooms. Helen’s nurturing and caring nature has endeared her to not only her colleagues, but to all of the families and children she has cared for over her career. Helen’s softly spoken demeanor and calm presence has provided much kindness and love to the children in her care. She has been such a hard worker and a much-appreciated member of the Kids on 4th team.

The unexpected decision to retire, coupled with growing medical costs has not been easy for Helen and has also caused much financial stress. Over the past few months the staff and management have been supporting Helen as much as possible, in the hope that she would be able to return to the work she loves.

As well as the additional financial support that Kids on 4th have provided Helen, the staff would like to continue this support by holding a Cup Cake Day Fundraiser. So, bring along a gold coin donation tomorrow (22/8/17) morning and buy a yummy cake cup from our stall in the foyer. The stall will be running from approximately 7:15am – 9:30am.

Why not shout your co-workers’ morning tea!

Wed like to thank you in advance for supporting Helen and this fundraiser. We also wish Helen all the very best in her recovery and in retirement. Helen will be greatly missed at Kids on 4th.